Review of The Dark Horde - The Calling

Be aware! The Dark Horde is not just metal band! And The Calling is not just a typical heavy metal album! The Dark Horde was formed in Australia by Andrew "Brewin" Drage (the year is unknown but that's not really important). So, first of all, "The Dark Horde is a collective of internationally recognized musicians, vocalists and actors from Melbourne, Australia" and "The Calling is a musical narrative experience featuring a supernatural horror story set to an "eighties heavy metal" soundtrack. It is the prequel to Brewin's award-winning horror novel The Dark Horde, set in south-eastern Australia in 1989.". As you see this album is some kind a-la horror stories of King Diamond.

Musically The Dark Horde plays classical heavy metal with power metal touches, everything is made a-la tribute to the glorious '80s! The music is truly catching, straight-forward, filled with emotions, covered with great guitar solos and comes with good typical heavy metal vocals. Sometimes it reminds me Iron Maiden, sometimes Judas Priest and so on.

As you must already understand, each track is a part of a novel/story so often you can hear some narratives before the 'heavy metal goes on' and it is really catching and amazing.

Joking apart, The Calling is a great, just outstanding album which you will probably listen numerous times and it won't bother you because you will discover many 'new' interesting things on this album. Listen to The Calling and try to feel everything guys put into the music, feel their emotions and experiences.

Album was self-released in October 2021 and promoted by Grand Sounds Promotion.