Review of Godzilla In The Kitchen - Exodus / Argonauta Records

Godzilla In The Kitchen is a pretty interesting band out of Germany. First of all, band says "We are incredibly honored by the chance to do this. Some of these songs have been stuck in our heads for 7 years and we are thrilled to finally unleash them on the world!"... Well, actually seven years is a pretty huge piece of time, I'm sure musicians re-arranged these songs not once during the mentioned seven years... Anyway, it was worth for us (listeners) to 'wait' for this stuff.

Musically Godzilla In The Kitchen plays some kind of instrumental trance rock, full of psych parts in their music. Again, Ido not like instrumental music at all, but some bands catch my attention and Godzilla In The Kitchen is not exception so I'm here to tell you about Godzilla In The Kitchen.

The album contains seven tracks of psych trance rock based on twisted yet catching rhythms, often tempo changes, freezing melodies and everything you would need to enjoy. All the instruments sound clear and complex, I do not see anything that could be changed or made better because the whole album sounds top-notch.

Next interesting thing... The press release says: "Exodus tells the Story of a somewhat hopeful, post-apocalyptic future, where humans have to face a monster that they created themselves."... Much interesting topic, I like everything related to post-apocalyptic future, PC games, music, books, movies and so on (so probably this topic forced my mind to listen to instrumental music, hehe!). I like how Godzilla In The Kitchen show us their vision and emotions on this topic, for sure, the whole atmosphere on the album made well to represent you post-apocalyptic future. Next thing that catches my attention is tracklisting! Did you pay attention to track titles on Exodus? No? Just do it, hehe. I'm sure I got it, just check this sentence with track titles but as one whole thing: 'IS - THE FUTURE OF MANKIND - FORCED BY THE KING OF MONSTERS - BECAUSE - EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN - WILL BE TAKEN AWAY'; got me?

Godzilla In The Kitchen is my country-mate band and I'm glad I got this material to listen and say some words. I recommend Exodus to all the freaks into psych-rock genre!

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Oh, last but not least! Band is still on tour, so you can catch them live:

11/03 Münster @ Heile Welt (w. HAVEN)

11/04 Asendorf @ Break Out (w. HAVEN)

11/05 Chemnitz @ Oberer Gasthof Grüna (w. HAVEN)

11/10 Berlin @ SAGE Club (w. Haven)

11/15 Weimar @ C.Keller

11/26 Leipzig @ Ost-Passage Theater (w. KYNING)